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Text Box: i.Comm Technologies installs telephone systems for residential homes, home offices and small commercial and professional offices. Our systems offer many features such as voice mail, music / message on hold ( MOH) caller ID and paging. Our intercom systems offer added security at home and business with entry speaker locations, video monitoring features and whole house music and paging.
Text Box: Residential Telephone  Systems
Small Office Telephone Systems
Full Feature Phone Systems with: Caller ID, Voice Mail, Cordless Extensions, Room to Room Intercom, Paging, Music On Hold, Auto-Attendant
Full Feature Intercom Systems with : AM/FM Radio, CD Player Remote Stations, choice of colors, Outdoor Speaker Stations, music distribution
Up-Grades for select older intercom systems without rewiring
New Construction Pre-wiring available for telephone, Intercom, Home theater and data distribution
Audio Intercom Systems with Video capability available

Phone:         973-839-8883

Toll Free : 1-800-930-4428

Fax:             973-839-4466


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New Cat-5 Intercom Systems which can interface with other home sub-systems such as whole house  audio & camera systems


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