i.Comm Technologies,Inc.

Audio - Video - Satellite - Video Surveillance

Text Box: i.Comm Technologies installs and services most types of satellite receiving antennas including : C Band, Ku Band, Direct Broadcast Satellite for both residential and commercial applications with systems which support business, commercial, educational, training and consumer programming. 
Text Box: Ku Band Satellite Systems
C Band Satellite Systems
System Upgrades , Service and Maintenance for most satellite systems
Free-To-air (FTA) Satellite Systems
International Programming Packages available
Temporary C Band and Ku Band Downlinks for meetings and seminars
Systems  available for commercial and residential applications
Satellite Music Systems
XM-Sirius Satellite Radio for business with over 150 Digital Channels
We service Dish Network and DirecTV Systems

Phone:         973-839-8883

Toll Free : 1-800-930-4428

Fax:             973-839-4466


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