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Audio - Video - Satellite - Video Surveillance

†i.Comm Technologies offers a complete line of quality CCTV products from major manufacturers of Video Surveillance equipment. Our installation team can professionally install these products at your home, office† church, school or retail store location.

We offer a wide selection of color and B/W cameras for both indoor and outdoor applications, Low-Lux cameras with IR technology for night viewing, Digital Video Recorders along with on-site and off-site monitoring equipment which would enable you to view your site location from almost anywhere that a high speed broadband connection is available.

Text Box: Digital Video Recorders with high capacity hard drives
Remote Surveillance Systems
Affordable Home CCTV systems
IR LED cameras for Day/Night operation
DVRís with high quality video compression 
Pan, Tilt & Zoom (PTZ) cameras
High Resolution flat panel monitors
IP Cameras
Indoor and Outdoor dome cameras
Wireless Cameras
Covert Video Cameras
Multiplexers & Quads

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Toll Free : 1-800-930-4428

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Text Box: Video Surveillance Systems
Text Box: Complete color or B/W camera systems for Home, Office, Retail, Warehousing and Manufacturing with On-Site and Remote Site Monitoring via the Internet. View images on computer or handheld devices such as iPhone, BlackBerry,  Droid and others.